Our talented executive board consists of the eight dedicated community members listed below.

Brandon Starcheus - President

President @BStar BStarcheus [email protected] Website

I’m a third year computer science student who is deeply inspired by this community and the endless possibilities of technology. Apart from [email protected], I’m a RevolutionUC organizer and a member of [email protected] My other passions are music and fitness.

Lina Kaval - Vice President

Vice President @Lina Kaval [email protected] linakaval leankuisine Website

I'm a 3rd year computer science and business analytics student excited to be part of [email protected]'s exec! I am also secretary/webmaster for ACM-W and got involved with RevUC the past 2 years as a participant and an organizer.

Piyush Sahu - Secretary

Secratary @piyush [email protected] PRSahu29 piyushranjan110

I am a third year student majoring in computer science. I am passionate about software and algorithm development Currently working as a research intern in the lab of iCDCU.

Kevin Slyh - Treasurer

Treasurer @Kevin Slyh [email protected] Slyh_Guy01

I am a second year computer science student with an interest in mobile development. I was a member of the logistics team that help organize Revolution UC 2020. I am a Domino's pizza lover and MARVEL movie fan.

Dev Agrawal - Webmaster

Webaster @Dev devagrawal09 [email protected] Website

I am a third year IT student in the Software development and Game design tracks. I'm a very passionate software developer and metalhead. I'm a big advocate for bots and automation, so catch me on Slack if you like to talk about the future of AI.

Bao Huynh - Education and Conferences Chair

Education and Confrences Chair @baohuynh [email protected] baohuynhlam Bao Huynh on LinkedIn

I'm an international student from Vietnam, and currently a sophomore pursuing Computer Science. I love the innovative power of computers, softwares, and technology, and in the future, I hope to create more of technology wonders for people all around the world to enjoy. I also love playing chess and the guitar.

Jihad Khan - Outreach and Public Relations Chair

Outreach and Public Relations Chair @Jihad Khan [email protected] Jihad Khan on LinkedIn

I'm a third year majoring in Computer Engineering and working on my MBA (through ACCEND). I enjoy working with new and innovative tech by attending hackathons and working on random hobby projects. Feel free to reach out on Slack!

Daniel Hackney - Membership Chair

Membership Chair @corncob567 [email protected] corncob567 Daniel Hackney on LinkedIn DanielNHackney

I'm a 3rd year CS Major (Mathematics Minor), have a huge Legend of Zelda collection, and enjoy rollerblading and running in my downtime.