Our talented executive board consists of the eight dedicated community members listed below.

Alex Vennemeyer - President

President @alex.jv1 [email protected]

I'm a fourth year Computer Science major at UC Interested in Artificial Intelligence and Cyber-Security. In addition to my work with the [email protected] I am a member of the UC Robotics team, and an organizer for RevolutionUC. I always enjoy talking about Art, FC Cincinnati and the latest news in tech, so feel free to reach out via email, or in the ACM slack channel.

Maddie Eckhart - Vice President

Vice President @maddie[email protected]madelineeckhart.com

I am a 4th year computer science major at UC and a passionate iOS developer who loves design, public speaking, and tacos. Previously, I served as secretary and hacker experience lead for RevolutionUC. I love reading about user experience design and writing articles about mobile development in my free time.

JT Salisbury - Secretary

Secratary @JT[email protected]jtsalisbury.me

I'm a fourth year computer engineering major at UC with an interest in programming. I've previously done three co-op rotations with BMW and am actively involved in organizing RevolutionUC. In my free time I enjoy programming, Netflix and video games. Feel free to reach out to me!

Brendan Link - Treasurer

Treasurer @brendanlink[email protected]brendanlink.com

I’m a fourth year student simultaneously pursuing my Bachelor’s in Computer Science and my Master’s in Business Administration. I have a passion for making awesome tech products, and my combination of business and technological experience gives me a unique perspective on how to make lives better with technology. I have had the incredible opportunity to work at The Kroger Company over the past two years, where I began as a Software Developer and have since moved into Product Management. I am an avid gym goer, and I love to watch both football and soccer games when I can!

William Cupp - Web Master

Web Master @will[email protected]willcupp.dev

I'm a fourth year computer science major at UC with interests in systems programming, programming language development, and games programming. I love being involved with [email protected] and RevolutionUC. I am also an organizer of the UC Game Dev Group.

Dev Agrawal - Education and Conferences Chair

Education and Confrences Chair @Dev[email protected]devagrawal09.github.io

I am Dev Agrawal, a second year IT student, research assistant, movie nerd and metalhead. I'm also a former freelance app developer and a javascript ninja, so I love talking about the latest tools and interesting ideas. I'm a big advocate for bots and automation, so catch me on Slack if you like to talk about the future of AI.

Piyush Sahu - Outreach and Public Relations Chair

Outreach and Public Relations Chair @PRS29[email protected]PRSahu29 on GitHub

I'm a second year CS student at UC with a profound interest in programming and software. I watch a lot of TED talks and like to read about retro and modern computing.

Brandon Starcheus - Membership Chair

Membership Chair @BStar[email protected]BStarcheus on GitHub

I'm a second year CS student eager to learn about all the different areas of computing. I'm currently co-oping at Northrop Grumman in Cyber.