Our talented executive board consists of the eight dedicated community members listed below.

Jash Gada - President

President @Jash Gada gadajm@mail.uc.edu Jashgada BoiJash

Hi! I'm Jash and I'm a fourth year student studying computer science. I grew up in Mumbai, India and love cities! I am passionate about web dev technologies. I'm a huge Potterhead and MCU fan!

Piyush Sahu - Vice President

Vice President @Piyush Sahu sahupr@mail.uc.edu Piyush Sahu on LinkedIn piyushranjan110 PRSahu29

Hi! I am Piyush. I am a fourth year student majoring in Computer Science and I am the vice president this year for ACM@UC. I am a product lab intern at Refract Labs and the web team lead for RevolutionUC as well this year. Music and gaming are my hobbies!

Daniel Hackney - Secretary

Secratary @corncob567 hacknedn@mail.uc.edu Daniel Hackney on LinkedIn corncob567

I'm a 4th year CS Major working towards my Masters degree. I have a huge Legend of Zelda collection, and enjoy rollerblading and running in my downtime.

Mahesh Gowda - Treasurer

Treasurer @Mahesh Gowda gowdamh@mail.uc.edu Mahesh Gowda on LinkedIn

A scholar in the making. Third year student at UC. Open source, Creative Commons and free knowledge advocate. Previously co-oped at the CIncinnati Insurance Companies, currently a FAIT Fellow who looks forward to the future.

Bao Huynh - Webmaster

Webaster @baohuynh huynhlbg@mail.uc.edu bhuynhdev Bao Huynh on LinkedIn

I'm an international student from Vietnam, and currently a junior Computer Science student. I love the innovativeness of softwares, and technology, and I hope to create technology wonders for the world to enjoy. I also play chess and the guitar.

Natalia Lui - Education and Conferences Chair

Education and Confrences Chair @Natalia Lui luina@mail.uc.edu 20natalialui Natalia Lui on LinkedIn

I'm an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major who likes to randomly attend events and make friends. I like to have learning goals as well and this semester it's APIs and Spanish. Please feel free to reach out about events, hobbies, or just to chat!

Lina Kaval - Outreach and Public Relations Chair

Outreach and Public Relations Chair @Lina Kaval kavalla@mail.uc.edu linakaval

Ishani Saxena - Membership Chair

@Ishani Saxena saxenaii@mail.uc.edu