Our talented executive board consists of the seven dedicated community members listed below.

Noah Bass - President

President @noah[email protected]noahbass.com/

I'm a fourth year computer science major. Previously, I served as Secretary and as marketing lead at RevolutionUC. I love being involved with the open source and hacker community. In my free time I like to concentrate on mobile dev and cloud computing. You can find me @noah on Slack.

Kristian Snyder - Vice President

Vice President @kristian[email protected]kristiansnyder.com

I'm a 4th year computer science student interested in backend web infrastructure and UX, currently co-oping at GE Aviation in Platform Automation. I like talking about Go, C#, CSS/JS/TS, Serverless, and video games (woo).

Alex Vennemeyer - Treasurer

Treasurer @alex.jv1 [email protected]

I'm a second year Computer Science major at UC Interested in Artificial Intelligence and Cyber-Security. In addition to my work with the [email protected] I am a member of the UC Robotics team, and an organizer for RevolutionUC. I always enjoy talking about Art, FC Cincinnati and the latest news in tech, so feel free to reach out via email, or in the ACM slack channel.

Maddie Eckhart - Secretary

Secretary @Maddie Eckhart[email protected]madelineeckhart.com

I’m a 3rd year computer science major at UC with a particular fascination with mobile apps. I am an iOS developer, UI designer, and UX consultant. I am very involved on campus with both ACM and RevolutionUC, and couldn’t ask for a better club to completely consume my time. Have any app ideas? Message me on Slack ;).

Isiah Lloyd - Web Master

Web Master @isiah_lloyd[email protected]isiah.me

I'm a 3rd year computer science major at UC. This is my second year as the web master of [email protected] I enjoy helping put on the yearly hackathon RevolutionUC! I'm excited to see what this year brings to [email protected]!

William Cupp - Education and Conferences Chair

Education and Confrences Chair @randstring[email protected]willcpp.github.io

I'm a 3rd year computer science major at UC with interests in systems programming, programming language development, and games programming. I love being involved with [email protected] and RevolutionUC. I am also an organizer of the UC Game Dev Group.

JT Salisbury - Public Relations and Outreach Chair

Public Relations and Outreach Chair @JT[email protected]

I'm a 3rd year computer engineering major at UC with an interest in programming. I'm currently co-oping with BMW and am actively involved in organizing RevolutionUC. In my free time I enjoy programming, Netflix and video games. Feel free to reach out to me!

Korey Huskonen - Membership Chair

@koreyhuskonen[email protected]