ACM@UC Members - Class of 2019

Devin McPherson's picture

Devin McPherson


I am currently a 4th year CS major here at UC. I love programming and I have a lot experience with .NET web applications as well as experience with other technologies such as React, Angular, Mongo, and more. In my free time I love to stay active!

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Kurt Lewis


I was the president of ACM@UC from 2016-2018. I love tech and tech communities, and coding in my free time! My go-to language is Python.

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Zachary Sang


I am a 4th year CS major here at UC with a background mainly in Web. In my co-ops, I've worked a lot with Java and a little with Python. Although, in my free time, I usually use NodeJS!

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Laura Tebben


I'm a CS student at UC with a focus on backend and application development. My primary languages are Python and C++. I love hackathons, cats, and tacos.

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Andrew Brooke


I am a 4th year Computer Science major at UC mainly focused with web and mobile development, particularly with NodeJS and surrounding technologies.

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Zachary Collins


I am a 4th year Computer Engineering student at UC. I have worked in both software and hardware, and am planning on a career in the semiconductor industry.