ACM@UC Members - Class of 2023

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Brandon Starcheus


I'm a third year CS student currently completeing my second co-op at Northrop Grumman Xetron.

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Dev Agrawal


I am Dev Agrawal, an IT student, research assistant, movie nerd and metalhead. I'm also a former freelance app developer and a javascript ninja, so I love talking about the latest tools and interesting ideas. I'm a big advocate for bots and automation, so catch me on Slack if you like to talk about the future of AI.

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Mahesh Gowda


Hello! I'm a creative IT student with considerable experience and motivation. I really like to experiment with APIs and open data.

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Lina Kaval


I am Lina Kaval, a CS student also minoring in Business Analytics. I enjoy working with data, singing, badly dancing, and occassionally doubting whether I like coding.

Piyush Sahu

I'm a third year CS student.

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Daniel Hackney


Hey there! I'm Daniel, and I'm a CS student also working on a minor in mathematics. I love to rollerblade, dance, play Dungeons and Dragons, and code!

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Liz Tremblay


Hey-o! My name is Liz and I am a CS student getting a minor in BANA. I love being involved on campus and enjoy watching anime, shopping, and traveling in my free time. I'm currently pursuing roles in UX design and engineering! uwu